The Veil Nebula

This is a two image mosaic.  Acquisition details for each image are given below. The Luminance is a blend of images taken through a red and clear filter.  The clear luminance was used solely to increase the size of the star diameters to match the RGB image.

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Equipment Used

Telescope Takahashi FS-60C piggybacked on Meade RCX400
CCD Camera ST-2000XM
Focal Ratio f/4.5
Guiding Autoguided by ST-2000XM

Image Durations

Duration (mins) Binning
Luminance 90 (18x5 mins) through a red filter, 10 (2x5 mins) through a clear filter 1x1
Red 20 (4x5mins) 2x2
Green 20 (4x5mins) 2x2
Blue 20 (4x5mins) 2x2