Occultation of the Pleiades, January 9th 2006

Click the Pleiades to see the whole image at a higher resolution. 

 Click the Moon to see it at a higher resolution

This is a composite image.  The image of the Pleiades was taken prior to the occultation as a long exposure is required to record the nebulosity surrounding the stars.  This would not be possible in a moonlit sky.  The image of the moon was taken at the time of the occultation and then superimposed on the image of the Pleiades. The moon was imaged using the ST-2000XM  CCD camera at f/8.2 on the Meade 10" RCX400.  It is a mosaic of 6  images, each 1/1000th of a second through a red filter at 2x2 binning

Equipment Used for Image of Pleiades

Telescope Takahashi FS-60C piggybacked on Meade RCX400
CCD Camera ST-2000XM
Focal Ratio f/4.5
Guiding Autoguided by ST-2000XM

Image Durations for Image of the Pleiades

Duration (mins) Binning
Luminance 90 (18x5 mins) 1x1
Red 20 (4x5mins) 2x2
Green 20 (4x5mins) 2x2
Blue 20 (4x5mins) 2x2