The Moon

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Click on an image to see the full picture.  A discussion on the techniques and equipment used to obtain these images can be found in CCD Imaging Techniques.


  Waning Moon  
MoonMosaic800.jpg (63166 bytes) MoonMosaic50pc090106.jpg (66158 bytes) FullMoon800120206.jpg (61442 bytes)
Quarter Moon Moon at Occultation Full Moon
Moon50pc.jpg (54413 bytes) moonf.jpg (59401 bytes)

FullMoon800.jpg (40835 bytes)

Waxing Moon Moon Full Moon

Lunar-eclipse2s.jpg (176678 bytes)

Lunar-eclipse2send2.jpg (117322 bytes)
Total Lunar Eclipse Total Lunar Eclipse Total Lunar Eclipse
M45occult50pc.jpg (146338 bytes) moon-luminance-processed.jpg (46980 bytes) LunarMountains.jpg (32297 bytes)
Occultation of the Pleiades Moon FS-60C Lunar Mountains
lunar craters2.jpg (29993 bytes) lunra craters3.jpg (38760 bytes) lunar craters1.jpg (46740 bytes)
Lunar Crater Lunar Limb Lunar Terminator