This image was published in the September 2004 edition of Astronomy Now.

I have since reprocessed it using Image Plus's Digital Development on the Luminance, R, G and B images. The LRGB image was composed in Adobe Photoshop and final noise reduction performed with Neat Image

Equipment Used

Telescope 10 inch LX200
CCD Camera SBIG ST-7E with CFW8 filter wheel
Focal Ratio f/3.9
Guiding Autoguided by the SBIG ST-7E

Image Duration

Duration (mins) Binning
Luminance 60 (6x10min) 1x1
Red 20 (2x10min) 2x2
Green 20 (2x10min) 2x2
Blue 40 (4x10min) 2x2

LRGB composed in Adobe Photoshop 5.5 using Robert Gendler's Enhanced LRGB technique