M1 Crab Nebula


Full resolution (cropped)

More Information

This was my first image taken with the SBIG AO-7 Adaptive Optics system connected to the ST-2000XM and RCX400.  The AO-7 improved the tracking of the RCX400 substantially, decreasing the FWHM of the stars by a factor of 2.  This led to a significant increase in the resolution of the image.  Compare the image above with the one below which was taken a month earlier without the AO-7.

Duration (mins) Binning
Luminance 90 (18x5min) 1x1
Red 15 (3x5min) 2x2
Green 15 (3x5min) 2x2
Blue 15 (3x5min) 2x2

M1 taken with ST2000XM guiding the RCX400

Duration (mins) Binning
Luminance 40 (8x5min) 1x1
Red 10 (2x5min) 2x2
Green 10 (2x5min) 2x2
Blue 10 (2x5min) 2x2